Why Join the Elecrow Affiliate Program?

Promotion Made Easy

Promote Elecrow anywhere via our referral link, or use our pre-made banners, datasheet and more.

Industry-Leading Commission

Earn up to 20% commission for your every referral, recurring revenue from your audience, network and content.

30-Day Cookie Duration

As long as the user comes to your site makes a purchase within 30 days, you will receive the commission for it.


Three Steps to Earn Commission


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Receive your commission after your audience's orders are confirmed

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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the Elecrow Affiliate Program?


The Elecrow Affiliate Program welcomes content creators, including online media, communities, bloggers, coupon websites, and other website owners, to promote our products and services and earn commissions based on sales referred through elecrow.com.

QCan a publisher promote any page on your site?


Publishers have the freedom to promote a wide range of products and services on our website, except for manual quotation services and certain partner seller products. We regularly update our datasheets with new products. You can visit our product detail pages and product campaign pages on our website to download the pictures you need.

QCan publishers post Elecrow page copied onto their site?


You can utilize any content distributed to affiliates through our product data feed. However, permission to use Elecrow copy, images, etc., will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to contact marketing@elecrow.com for more information if needed.

QWhat types of promotions are not permitted?


To ensure fairness within the affiliate program, certain promotion methods are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) False links: Utilizing illegal methods to tamper with the target user link.

2) Creating programs or scripts to simulate genuine purchase patterns.

3) Persistent pop-ups and full-screen popups.

4) Hiding links under other content.

5) Directly submitting links to search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

6) Tricking people into clicking links.

7) Establishing seemingly official Elecrow websites with the intention of misleading users into making purchases.

8) Displaying ads for the Elecrow trademark.

9) No source page link.

10) Manual quotation services at Elecrow (see the commission rule at ShareASale for detail).

11) Certain Partner Sellers' products (see the commission rule at ShareASale for detail).

12) Engaging in any actions that violate the Elecrow Affiliate Program terms.

Elecrow reserves the right to further clarify these rules and to take appropriate actions against individuals who breach the Elecrow Affiliate Program Agreement, including declaring relevant commission orders as invalid.